Addressing Severe Diseases With Significant Unmet Medical Need


ReMedys’ projects represent a diverse set of indications, therapeutic options and pipeline progression; however, they all have in common one important point: they all address severe diseases with a significant unmet medical need with patients that have no or very limited access to disease modifying therapy. It is estimated that there are up to 7000 rare diseases worldwide affecting over 350 million people. Very little is often known about these diseases and research is usually insufficient. As a result, patients receive inadequate care and suffer from a poor quality of life.

While research is ongoing and new therapeutic ideas are being developed, many are never progressed towards clinical testing due to lack of funding, resources, and know-how. In particular, there are significant funding issues for early stage therapies as industry considers these to be of high risk, low commercial potential, or immature. As a result many innovative disease modifying therapeutic approaches are never properly assessed for their merits.

At ReMedys we try to make a difference! We have selected innovative projects in the areas of neurology, metabolism, and oncology that could make a significant difference for the lives of many patients. To learn more about what we are doing please check out the project links below!


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