The SOD1 gene Therapy for ALS project to receive more support

The SOD1 gene therapy for ALS project,, that ReMedys accompanies, has received form the Wyss center for Bio and Neuroengineering (, significant support on the path through preclinical development.

ReMedys established an affiliate in Russia

In 2015 ReMedys, including several renown Russian scientists, established an international consortium to be working on a neglected disease ( That was the opportunity for ReMedys to recognize; a) a strong potential in Russian scientific innovation and b) a strong need and wish of Russian Universities and Hospitals, in accessing R&D know how in biopharma.

Starting during the summer of 2016, ReMedys shall be present in Russia with an affiliate based in Novosibirsk.

The aim of ReMedys is to become the benchmark R&D arm for all innovative biopharma clinical or preclinical projects in Russia.


The Diabetic Neuropathy project did a big step towards the clinic

ReMedys is proud that one of the projects has accompanied, the Diabetic Neuropathy project, has managed to make a big step in securing the resources needed to reach the clinic Through Relief Therapeutics ( this project shall be reaching patients, as a potential therapeutic solution, the soonest possible.

ReMedys to receive support from the Swiss ALS Foundation (Schweizerische ALS Stiftung)

The Swiss ALS Foundation (Schweizerische ALS Stiftung) has decided to support ReMedys in the effort to advance towards the clinic the SOD1 gene therapy project. ReMedys is proud, and greatful, that such an important, for ALS patients, organization as the Schweizerische ALS Stiftung, is recognizing the ReMedys efforts in advancing potential therapeutic solutions towards the clinic.

ReMedys shall continue advancing the SOD1 gene therapy project for a potential clinical entry by the end of 2018. 

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