Academic Research to Drug Development: A translational gap in drug R&D that needs to be bridged

ReMedys’ goal is to turn discoveries in basic research into useful medicines that can enhance human health. Often the biggest road-block to discovery is finding the right application, however by focusing on multi-disciplinary collaborations and bringing together experts in the field, ReMedys breaks the paradigm of compartmentalizing basic and applied research.  In this manner we can greatly reduce the translational gap that often forms when developing new medicines.  By working with patient groups, matching medical needs with innovative drug discovery programs, and securing appropriate funding to advance programs, we increase our partners value proposition and give their projects a better chance to be developed.

To achieve these goals ReMedys works in close partnership with all stakeholders: 1) with the patients, their organizations and the public that determine the Medical Need for a given indication; 2) with Partners that have interesting and innovative Programs that show promise to tackle a health issue or a medical need; 3) with clinicians, specialized hospitals and clinical centers to determine the best way through Translational R&D to achieve the goal of determining as efficiently as possible whether (or not) a new therapeutic option is beneficial and safe (or not); and 4) with any Funding body that may be willing to give a new innovative therapeutic option a chance to ultimately help patients to live better lives.

Remedy’s operates as an umbrella foundation in which

  • Programs are run independently from each other in focused sub-foundations (or where a specific legal separation is not required in a program unit), under dedicated joint steering committees, giving substantial control to the originators, donors and stakeholders
  • Programs have dedicated teams with experts in specific therapeutic and development areas
  • The program strategy is built to reach key R&D milestones, de-risking and adding value along the way
  • Each program advances via a network of customized networks of academic research, clinical research, R&D expertise, and industrial partners
  • ReMedys operates as the central managing partner, ensuring progression of the programs
  • Program Management expertise and R&D resources are jointly used by different sub-foundations or program units allowing for cost, resource and know-how synergies

Program Exit: ReMedys goal is to increase the value of its projects to a point that private (or public) investment is willing to take on the risk and cost for further development to market authorization. We are working together with the originator and/or funding entities to ensure that, when pre-determined milestones are reached, the program is considered and proposed for an “exit”, i.e. opened up for private investment. Different “exit” strategies are possible depending on the specifics of each project: licensing to and/or partnering with pharmaceutical industry or spin-off into a start up company. While full development of a new therapeutic is typically beyond the objective and funding ability of ReMedys’, ReMedys’ may take a stake in the to be developed therapeutic. ReMedys also requires from the acquirer of a project reimbursement of its project and value contributions. All proceeds for ReMedys are reinvested in new or existing projects.

Funding: ReMedys works together with key stakeholders to secure resources for each program. As a not-for-profit foundation ReMedys has access to a diverse set of funding opportunities, incl. private investment, philanthropy, grants, public funding, patient organizations, donations, and collaborations with public R&D platforms and industrial partners.

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