What ReMedys does – Who we are...

Founders & Management Team

The ReMedys’ team consists of pharmaceutical industry professionals. The team monitors program deliverables, timelines and oversees the general development of projects and the foundation.

Dr. Kostas Kaloulis

ReMedys Founder, Board Member and Business Development

Dr. Kaloulis holds a PhD in Molecular Embryology from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He brings to ReMedys more than 17 years experience in biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and research.

Dr. Dawn Toronto

ReMedys Founder and CMC Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Toronto received her PhD from University of California at Davis and has 14 years of international pharmaceutical development experience gained from leadership and technical positions at both contract-manufacturing organizations and in pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Elmar Vom Baur

ReMedys Founder and Program Management

Dr. vom Baur obtained his PhD in Molecular & Cellular Biology from the University Louis Pasteur and a Master of Engineering in Biotechnology from the Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie in Strasbourg, France.

Dr. Michel Dreano

ReMedys Founder and Board Member

Dr. Dreano graduated from the University of Burgundy (PhD in Cell Biology) and from the University Paris 7/Institute Pasteur, France (PhD in Microbiology). He brings to the ReMedys more than 25 years professional experience in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry.

Dr. Catherine Barbey

Clinical Development

Dr. Barbey obtained her PhD from the University of Lausanne Switzerland. She brings to ReMedys a dual background in medical research and clinical drug development with 15 years experience in immunology research and clinical immunology and 8 years of clinical development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Bridgitte Happ

Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Happ holds a PhD and brings to ReMedys 19 years of experience in regulatory affairs.
She has delivered successful applications for new biotech products, devices, and lifecycle management worldwide, including EU (via centralised procedure, mutual recognition and national procedures), Japan and USA.

The  Foundation also has networks with professionals in the fields of animal safety/toxicology, regulatory affairs, drug metabolism/ pharmacokinetics, human pharmacology, manufacturing, clinical trial design, statistics, clinical research, clinical trial management, safety, business development, and project management.  Making these experts available as needed to projects ensures state-of-the-art development and increases the likelihood of success.