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The ReMedys Board monitors the running of the foundation, the distribution of ReMedys’ resources and the projects managed under the ReMedys umbrella.

The board consists of experienced professionals from different business areas to ensure that all foundation business and our diverse project portfolio is competently assessed and supervised.

Dr. George Coukos

Board Member
Director of the Ludwig Cancer Research Center, Lausanne, and Director of the Department of Oncology at the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. Coukos is a recognized leader in cancer immunotherapy and tumor microenvironment research. His research focuses on understanding the immune system's response to ovarian cancer and other tumor types, and on developing therapies that enhance the immune response.

Dr. Coukos’ significant contributions to cancer research include the discovery of spontaneous immune responses in ovarian cancer and their impact on clinical outcome, the discovery of mechanisms whereby the tumor vasculature limits T cell trafficking and mediates tumor immune escape, and the discovery of a novel link between tumor hypoxia, regulatory T cell function and tumor angiogenesis. Currently he is creating, in Partnership with EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology School), the Cancer Center, designed to become one of the leading clinical oncology research centers in Europe. Before coming to Switzerland, Dr. Coukos created and directed the Ovarian Cancer Research Center at the University of Pennsylvania, where he conducted clinical research for novel therapies.