What ReMedys does – Who we are...

About Us

ReMedys is a not-for-profit, patient-centric foundation specializing in developing innovative therapeutic approaches for patients with severe disease without effective treatment – independent of commercial potential. To serve this goal, ReMedys is open to the following:

  • Repurposing of existing drugs based on investigator driven research
  • Development of de-prioritized, commercially unattractive projects
  • Investigating early stage, innovative therapeutic approaches.

Projects may be small chemical entities, biologics or devices designed to help and provide relief to patients. All projects within the portfolio are fundable, needed and desired by patients, and attractive to doctors and patient organizations.

Why ReMedys

Academic research and start-ups continually discovers new treatment options for patients, but often lack the time, resources, ability,  or know-how to bring them to the clinical trial stage.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical industry and investors prefer investing in drugs with established preclinical and early clinical safety and their interest in innovative therapeutics is, as a rule, proportional to commercial prospects rather than patient needs.

ReMedys bridges this gap between academic institutional capability and industrial requirements by providing comprehensive drug development expertise, including manufacturing, clinical development, regulatory affairs, preclinical safety, project management and unique funding opportunities through its not-for-profit status and expert network.

What We Do

ReMedys is dedicated to helping academia and biotech transform innovative therapeutic ideas into drugs, which are accessible to patients in need. ReMedys secures funding, sets up development plans and executes regulatory preclinical studies and early clinical trials.

We work in partnership with the originators to bridge the gap between innovation and clinical proof-of-concept. While our partners continue to strengthen the therapeutic approach through preclinical research, ReMedys ensures state-of-the art development capabilities through a broad network of highly qualified industry experts. 

We add value to projects and reduce their risk to compel the public, investors and/or the pharmaceutical industry to invest in late stage development activities. By building the scientific know-how into the project and sharing this knowledge with our partners, we raise awareness of the demands and limitations of drug development, allowing our partners to better design their research strategy.

Remedys' Operational Model

& Funding Model

  • Innovative, not-for-profit approach to translational R&D: through partnerships with academy, clinicians, patient organizations, and biopharma industry
  • Focused on patient needs – independent of commercial potential: enable clinical testing of innovative therapeutic solutions for the benefit of patients
  • Industry expert network guarantees high preclinical and clinical standards: through our network of pharma professionals, clinicians and regulatory experts
  • Keeping research know-how in the project: our partners from academia stay on projects and will continue to support them with research activities
  • Enabling our partners to get their ideas to patients: by involving our partners all along the development process and transferring know-how and network
  • Facilitating program funding: through grants, industry sponsorship, philanthropy, patient organizations, donations, public sponsors, & program specific commercial investments
  • Reinvesting proceeds: returns on any successful projects are reinvested new projects and initiatives
Key Incentives for our Partners
  • Obtain state-of-the-art drug development support for therapeutic ideas
  • Increase project value by reducing risk and generating relevant data for safety and efficacy
  • Stay involved, take part in decision making, and support development with crucial research activities
  • Access to extensive pharma expert network and R&D program management resources
  • R&D know-how and network transfer
  • High patient engagement through partnership with patients and patient organizations
  • Facilitated funding through direct support and access to broad range of funds
  • Support to identify full development and marketing sponsor